We  would like  to thank you for the opportunity to  introduce  ourselves  as  the  suppliers   of  V5 Water, Hygienic  Packaged   Drinking  Water  since decade. Our huge client base is the best example for our market standards in Hyderabad.  We can assure you to meet your demand and we can supply on a prompt base. We are  proud to  introduce  the best hygienic  and a quality  product  to  your esteemed  organization hope  you  will be happy with our product and we can assure positive feedback by using  our product.

V5  Water  is sourced  from pure underground  spring and  further   purified   by  latest  purification  technology   called  Reverse   Osmosis,  Ozone   and   U.V   technology,  which  is   widely  adopted  and  approved  by  USA. This   process  involves  the  removal  of all  varieties of impurities present in the water, which  range  from  macro  particle  to  ionic range in terms  of size  with the help of  5  stage  filtration  method  viz. ,particle  filtration  ,micro  filtration, ultra filtration, nano filtration, and hyper filtration  (reverse osmosis)  and  blends  with  ozone  and  UV  sterilization  which  ultimately  gives   you the  pure,  Bacteria  free, chemical  free, and  crystal  clear  water.

Later V5 Water is packed in the most hygienic, Odor free, food grade jars made up of polycarbonate which were thoroughly and vigorous sterilization before we deliver them to client.We are herewith giving our most competitive price for your kind consideration.We hope our offer is as per your expectation, looking forward for long and meaningful relation with your organization.  Hope we will receive positive feedback on the same.

Thanking and assuring you best services always.